10 Defining Moments That Shaped the 2016 South African Startup Ecosystem

2016 was the year where fake news was real and real news was fake. We endured motions of no confidence, the Saxonwold Shebeen, inverted Springbok rugby records, sticky Board members, rogue units, rogue presidents, Trump cards, prophets of doom, doomed profits and a cold and broken Hallelujah! But you gotta have faith… Through it all […]

Gutsy Green Announces Exciting Launch of South Africa’s First High Quality Recipe Box Delivery Service

Who wouldn’t want to be able to produce amazing quality restaurant-style meals at home – without even having to hunt down a good recipe or shop for all the necessary ingredients?  In South Africa, thanks to the exciting launch of Gutsy Green, all this and more are available at an affordable price, with guaranteed delicious […]

“The Future of Food” Sign up for the sub-Saharan Africa Innovation Awards

The theme of the Ericsson sub-Saharan Africa Innovation Awards 2016 is “The Future of Food“. Sub-Saharan Africa faces a rapidly growing population and as a result, food production will need to increase significantly. We encourage young innovators and start-ups to use this opportunity to make a real difference by using technology and ICT to make […]


“CONNECT WITH OPPORTUNITY” CITY OF CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE – Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy and it is with this in mind that the City of Cape Town , Smart Procurement World and SCNET are running the annual Cape Town Smart Supplier Development Programme. Applications for 2017 are open and will close on 18 November 2016. […]

Facebook’s CEO got what he wanted on his first trip to Africa. Nigeria got even more.

“These are my people!” Mark Zuckerberg has been in Nigeria for barely an hour and is already rhapsodic. His remark does not reflect his biological heritage — obviously — but rather a connection based on the behavioral DNA that engineers share. Facebook’s CEO has come to Lagos, the continent’s most populous city, to seek out software developers and startup […]


South Africa’s Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) joins South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) for the first time as a partner in this year’s iWeek XV. “South Africa’s Internet consumers primarily use their mobile handsets to access the web. This makes WASPA’s participation as an official partner in iWeek XV particularly relevant,” says […]