Apps and tech to help travel in foreign places

Despite living in a world where we can instantly communicate with anyone around the world, at any time, we still need ways to navigate strange places. We still travel – whether internationally or locally – to places that we’ve never visited before. This could be for business, pleasure or family; but it doesn’t negate that we still need ways to help us find our bearings.

Thankfully, this same powerful technology can help us be better navigators in strange lands. This is why so many startups and tech companies have focused on navigation as a key area for their business.

Most of us who have smartphones already have free apps that help, such as the highly efficient Google Maps. Since it’s Google’s own app, it is frequently updated and constantly has incredible features. In some places, the app can tell you if your public transport is late! It has live updates of accidents and areas where traffic is slowed, allowing for alternate navigation to make your travels easier.  

One issue is that we frequently need to navigate those areas where signal is terrible; that’s what makes BackCountry Pro (for Android phones) such an important app. Many navigation apps require you to be connected in order to use them. But BackCounty saw an opportunity that was being severely neglected.

As AndroidAuthority noted:

“The premise for BackCountry Navigator is very simple. It allows you to download and store topography maps for navigation use…all you need is your GPS because you’ll already have the maps available at your disposal. Thus, you can use your device’s GPS and these maps as guides to hike, hunt, fish, camp, etc even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.”

Having a handle on where you are is essential. This helps in normal or emergency situations, for example, in aiding and obtaining roadside assistance.

Yet this isn’t sufficient, especially if you’re a business traveller. lists several apps that can help you translate foreign languages to help improve communication when travelling in different countries. After all, communication is key.

For example, notes:

“iTranslate Voice allows travelers to say a phrase into the app and have the translation spoken back. The app’s AirTranslate feature connects two users wirelessly so they can communicate in their native languages and conduct a real-time translated conversation.”

Since such conversations will be in very particular setting, arranging it to be a sit down with this app can be done quite painlessly.

Being in strange places doesn’t have mean we are powerless and it’s just a matter of using the right tool for the job – in this case, the tools are state of the art and downloadable.