Launch of Image Server for eCommerce websites enhances site speed and cuts bandwidth use

eCommerce websites, and websites that rely heavily on images, require large numbers of images to be served – as well as automatic image processing – to be done on demand.

In order to supply their  eCommerce clients with a solution that does just this, Realmdigital developed and are launching their latest product, the Image Server.

Industry leading textbook reseller and Realmdigital client, Van Schaik, already make use of this product’s unique content delivery network (CDN) on their eCommerce website.

Increased site speed, reduced bandwidth use, and faster update and maintenance time

The Realmdigital Image Server resizes images and serves them on demand, which is essential for eCommerce websites that often require multiple sized or cropped versions of the same image. The Image Server will come in handy here as it only needs a single size of an image to implemented, whereas otherwise the user would have to upload multiple separately processed images for this same purpose; effectively making updating and maintenance faster and easier due to the overall footprint of the images being smaller.

The Image Server’s intelligent server caching reduces the general bandwidth use as well as increases the overall site speed as a result of only one size of an images needing to be uploaded and the fact that all subsequent visits to a site using this server will make use of cached images and therefore not download the images more than once.

The Image Server intelligently and automatically inserts images into a logical, uniform configuration; making use of the servers memory by splitting the images into batches. This intelligent directory structure makes it easier and faster to serve images. Images are also served by their unique identifiers (such as EAN, ISBN, SKU,etc.) when requested. Items without an associated image are automatically configured to use the default placeholder image.