Preventative Maintenance

As a PC/Laptop Hardware Engineer, I’m finding out the hard way that these skills are no longer required as they used to be thus making my training and knowledge gained over the years useless. Gone are the days where things were repaired and not just replaced. Isn’t better for the environment to have the Computer repaired, most of the time its a simple job & at the end of the day a lot cheaper. Also just general maintenance of the Computer equipment is vital for the smooth running of a business, if your computers are open to public view then your company image is at stake if they are dirty and full of dust. Or is that a risk you willing to take! From my point of view it just gives the wrong impression.

One thought on “Preventative Maintenance

  1. To emphasise further to the comments made above, your hardware is not the only thing at risk, so is your company data. A cluttered software environment is a security risk too possible intrusions as well for viruses. Besides which your computer will become slower and slower to the point where eventually they’ll just about grind to a halt. Even if you upgrade your hardware to faster more speedy machines, as long as your data on your drives is a mess, it will won’t make a lot of difference.

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