Lead Nurturing

You spend a substantial amount of time and effort in capturing your leads so don’t ignore them when you get them. The gap between a suspect clicking on your site and a sale will require nurturing and possibly lots of it. You need to take care of these leads from when they come in until they are ready to engage the sales process. Research from Gleanster notes that 50% of qualified leads who come through your website are not ready to buy. Lead nurturing is the process of using the Internet, email, phone, social media and any other online and offline channels available to you to educate and to build a relationship with your prospect until they are ready to close a sale. No pushy sales processes here, they don’t work.

  • 80% of B2B sales occur after at least 5 follow ups, so nurturing leads is crucial

Lead nurturing is important because by understanding your prospects needs better, relationship building can be directed towards educating and expanding their knowledge. Effectively you need to use lead nurturing to build trust and a solid relationship with them. If your prospect trusts you they will feel that as your company understands their problem you will be best placed to help them solve it. As such a valuable tool, lead nurturing should be an investment priority for your company.  Whether you use automated lead nurturing systems or personal ones for small highly specialised companies … use them.

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