Living in Silicon Valley

Hi South Africa, 

It has been 4 months since I left your shores to pursue a software career in Silicon Valley. What an huge learning curve it was being among all these tech giants. There are so many events, meetups and learning opportunities that you are going to become a better software developer or engineer. 

There are so many startup companies just jumping up everywhere and allot of money is being thrown at some of them. Some are really good ideas while others just wait to be acquired by a bigger giant. 

I really think Cape Town has allot of potential in becoming a top software incubator for technology. I think it needs some structure and a leader that can schedule events. Quality of events and sharing of information is very important. If you are wanting to know what meetups are going on in the bay area go check out:

Some of the groups share recordings from the events as well as slide decks so you can stay up to date what is happening in your are of technology. 

What can I provide from Silicon Valley?

If there are any South Africans that are traveling to Silicon Valley and want to meetup let me know. Would like to meet fellow geeksters. I am also open to assist with advice for startup companies.

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Kind Regards,

Thys Michels

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