The Kodak printer scam

The one thing that I really hated about my HP printer was the price of a replacement cartridge of ink. When I saw the Kodak ads boasting about how they were reducing the cost of ownership by slashing the prices of replacement ink cartridges I thought they had hit the nail fair and square on the head. My new Kodak ESP C310 is teaching me a salutary lesson about things that look too good to be true not being true at all.


First, the cartridges are comparatively tiny and my printer runs out of ink all the time. I could live with that were it not for the fact that it is the printer that decides when I have run out of ink, even if it is still printing with good quality. Once it has decided that it has run out of ink it that’s the end of it – no arguing with an ESP C310. That would be just about bearable were it not for the fact that when one ink cartridge runs out of ink it won’t print anything at all. That’s right, if I run out of color ink I have to go to the shop and buy another color ink cartridge even if I want to print in black and white! That my friends is a scam. With my dear old HP I could run out of black ink and change the font color of my document to dark blue or gray and in an emergency I could still get my document out the door. With Kodak I am stuffed for no good technical reason, it’s just their corporate greed standing in my way.


I will never again buy another Kodak product and I will tell everybody I know that in my opinion Kodak is a rubbish company that produces rubbish products and I don’t care whether we are talking printers, cameras, photographic paper, whatever – rubbish companies produce rubbish products is my message.



One thought on “The Kodak printer scam

  1. 🙁 hear what you are saying.


    unfortunately this is the case with many brands and models. I have had a Brother, Canon and Dell all do the same thing (no print when one cartridge is low)..


    the printer is cheap, but the ink is double the price

    the printer comes free with the pc (but its the expensive ink one)

    the printer reads empty but the min percentage gradually increases due to errors in the firmware  (meaning it could print another 100 pages, but it wont. 




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