Authentic Personal Branding

Over the past year or so one Personal Branding disaster caught my attention.


The golfing ace, Tiger Woods, was the ultimate example of success. His work ethic and talent won him a plethora of golf tournaments. He was any advertisers dream. Woods oozed perfection, class and sophistication on and off the field.


The only hint that I sensed of Tiger’s mortality was when his father died. For the first time I could relate to brand Tiger Woods because of the universal theme, death. That mortality was short-lived as brand Tiger Woods continued to be marketed as the picture perfect sport and family man.


However, when something is to good to be true, it is exactly that…..too good to be true.


The revelations of his numerous extramarital affairs shocked the world. Brand Tiger Woods certainly failed to deliver on his brand promise. Sponsors, advertisers and his wife left brand Woods in droves.


Extramarital affairs have been around forever so Tiger Woods is one of a long list of married men that helped himself to the forbidden fruit. However brand Tiger Woods was portrayed as the ultimate family man which does not correlate with a ladies man.


This scenario feeds into the myth that Personal Branding and Marketing means that you have to pretend to be someone that you are not. This is the greatest misconception of personal branding.and marketing.


The exercise of branding and marketing yourself should center around authenticity. It is about understanding what makes you unique and memorable and not what marketers want you to be.


Hedonist Valley Communications