14 Business Lessons from Golf

Golf is a game I love.  I am not good at it, but I love the game.  It helps me to relax.  It also helps me to size up other people.  You cannot hide personality defects on a golf course consistently.  My point of departure is that you play against yourself and that you need to enjoy it.  From a business / management perspective, I identified a number of points in golf that business managers can take heed of, whether you play the game or not.

  • Technical competence.  To be a golfer of sorts, you need certain competencies and skills.  You need to know how to hit a draw or a fade.  You need to know how to swing the club, whether it is an iron of a driver or a fairway wood.  And all of us need to visit a coach to teach us these technical skills.  Business is no different.  You need to have certain competencies, such as management and leadership, strategy, finance, marketing, and HR skills.  You also need to visit a business school to develop and or refresh these skills of yours.  As in golf, you need to develop and update these skills continuously.  Ernie Els needs to do it, as does the CEO’s of our top companies in the world.  Both business and golf require hard work.  Constant practicing and growth of this set of skills!

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