…After two years….

What started out as a idea, a tool, something simple that would help me in my day to day tasks as a specialist security analyst in investigating internal cyber-fraud and trying to figure out who did what and when and how…

SCAPECOM a local South African company focused on auditing the Human Factor within small to large enterprises, has finally given birth to a solution that monitors the most overlooked threat in an organisation, namely the “fleshware” otherwise known as the Human Component. MIMIC takes user & server security monitoring to the next level, why sit and sift through hours and hours of textual log data?

MIMIC records all interactive graphical user sessions, these include local console logons, Dameware, VNC, Remote Desktop etc. Being event driven MIMIC records only events triggered by the logged in user thus only recording valid data and cutting “logs” down in half.

Use MIMIC to monitor business critical servers, monitor system administrators & 3rd party vendor access to business core data and quickly identify the “who did what? when? and how?”, that caused server downtime.

Research shows that information presented in the form of “graphic images” as opposed to large amounts of textual data, are far more easily absorbed and understood, and so MIMIC‘s slogan “A Picture Paints a Thousand words…” rings true to what SCAPECOM have managed to achieve with MIMIC.

– Record all user actions on servers
– See exactly who did what? when? and how!
– Alert on suspicious activity

There are multiple benefits in deploying MIMIC in a corporate environment. MIMIC will also
greatly enhance existing DLP solutions installed. Other benefit include:

Monitor Users – Monitor suspicious user activity in a particular business area
Root cause-analysis – Quickly discover the root cause of a change control config error
Security and Compliance – Detailed reports on access to business critical servers
Vendor Monitoring – Accountability and SLA validation of managed services

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