Small SA web design company announce deal with Posterous

Article courtesy of Memeburn

A small South African web design and development company, Obox Design have announced a deal with well-known international blogging platform Posterous to supply custom design themes to their users.

Posterous is a simplified blog site, funded by American seed-stage startup funding company Y Combinator, that boasts integrated and automatic posting to other social media tools such as Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, a built-in Google Analytics package, and custom themes.

The Silicon Valley start-up took the tech scene by storm when it launched in 2009. According to Wikipedia, many social media pundits consider Posterous to be the leading free application for lifestreaming. The platform received attention when leading social media expert Steve Rubel declared he was moving his blogging activity entirely to Posterous.

In a blog post about the announcement, Obox Design says the deal covers the supply of five themes which will be available to all Posterous users in the “Customise” section of the Posterous’ adminstration area. The themes will be provided to users free of charge.

David Perel, co-Founder of Obox Design told Memeburn: “We are ecstatic to be providing themes to Posterous. They are considered to be competing directly with Tumblr in the micro-blogging sphere but have been lacking a good set of themes which users can choose from.”

Perel said he noticed that Posterous had only a small selection of themes, so decided to approach the US company as it was an opportunity to generate “a huge amount of exposure” for Obox Design.

“Most importantly there will now be more variety in the Posterous theme directory which has been lacking for some time now. It feels good to say that one of Silicon Valley’s most promising startups is using products created by a South African company in Silicon Cape,” he said.

It’s the second deal the local web design company has undertaken. Earlier this year Obox did a deal to supply another blogging platform, Tumblr, with premium themes.

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  1. Congrats on landing this prestigious deal. Posterious have a great profile so you will get excellent exposure for a long time to come off this. Kudos to you and your team and another winner from The Silicon Cape.

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