webCMS – Solving An Old Problem.

I have been in the web industry for quite a few years now, and a big problem I see is that many small businesses have sites developed (often they choose the cheapest option, let’s say a 5 page static HTML site). Now they sit with a site they cannot do anything with. If they want to make any changes, the designer charges them R300 per hour. So the site sits in cyberspace and nothing gets updated. I have seen it time and time again!

webCMS offers a solution by providing a online based CMS service, allowing clients to take control of their sites for free. It doesn’t matter what server your site is sitting on, or what language your site is coded with. It doesn’t matter that you do not have database functionality installed. All you need is access to your source code, and have a single line of code pasted into where you would like content to appear. This only needs to ever be done once, as this code will now always pull in the latest version of the content you have saved on the webCMS system.

You don’t have to transfer your site to another server, you don’t have to make DNS and domain name changes and wait for them to propagate, you don’t have to pay money to have a database enabled site developed, you don’t have to cancel billing with one host and start with another. None of that hassle is necessary.

Cut and paste a single line of code into your HTML, and then control that page with our CMS system. For free. It’s that simple.

The site is now in public beta and all we are currently offering is the basic functionality. If you could please take some time out to give it a test and provide feedback, not only will you get an internet high 5, but some good karma too. Thanks!

http://webc.ms/ – Add a CMS to any web page with just one line of code!